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Bartolomeu Dias

Just some questions that start with "WHERE"

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Q: Where did Bartolomeu Dias start his voyage to find a sea route to India?
     A: Bartolomeu Dias and his men departed on their voyage from Lisbon, Portugal.

Q: Where did Bartolomeu Dias and his men turn around and start their homeward journey?
     A: Bartolomeu Dias and his crew turned around to head home when they reached the Keiskamma River at Hamburg. Historians first thought the turning point to be the mouth of the Great Fish.

The route that Dias sailed to reach the Cape of Good Hope from Lisbon, Portugal

Q: Where did Bartolomeu Dias build his two 'padraos'?
     A: The first 'padrao' was built at Kwaaihoek and the second 'padrao' Dias built was someplace on the Cape Peninsula.