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Bartolomeu Dias

Just some questions that start with "HOW"

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Q: How far did Batolomeu Dias and his crew travel in total?
      A: Bartolomeu Dias and his men traveled approximately 2,028 kilometers, which is about 1,260 miles.

This is the Cape of Good Hope, formerly known as the Cape of Storms

Q: How did the Cape of Storms get its name changed to the Cape of Good Hope?
     A: Legend has it that Bartolomeu Dias called it Cabo Tormentosa (Cape of Storms), but the Portuguese king supposedly renamed it Cabo da Boa Esperanca (Cape of Good Hope). The king named it this because it gave him hope that there was a sea route to the Indies.

Q: How many 'padraos' did Batolomeu Dias erect during his quest to ifnd a route to the Indies?
     A: Bartolomeu Dias erected two 'padraos'. A 'padrao' is a stone pillar that was significant to Dias.