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Bartolomeu Dias

Just some questions that start with "WHAT"

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Q: What was Bartolomeu Dias's voyage like?
      A: Bartolomeu Dias's voyage was pretty rough because he and his men encoutered many storms. Because of the many encounters, Dias named the Cape that he discovered "Cabo Tormentosa"- the Cape of Storms.

Q: What type of ship did Bartolomeu Dias Use to reach his destination?
     A: Bartolomeu Dias used caravels to reach his destination. The caravel, which uses a great surface of veil and the rudder as a stern post, is a ship that allows navigation against the wind. Its great defect is its weak tonnage, which prohibited Dias to use it as a tradewind ship.


Q: What is the name of the treaty that was drawn up by Pope Alexander VI?
      A: The treaty is called the Treaty of Tordesillas.